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The Wager Mark Medoff

The Wager

Mark Medoff

Published October 28th 1998
ISBN : 9780822212140
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Leeds, a brainy, tart-tongued graduate student, has bet his super-jock roommate, Ward (a Phys-Ed major), that Ward can seduce Honor, the wife of a young professor (Ron). But Leeds has also wagered that if Ward is successful, Ron will make an attempt on his life within forty-eight hours. Thereafter, as can be expected, the situation grows progressively more complex, with fun and fear brilliantly juxtaposed. In the resultant comic mix the acerbic Leeds does his best to manipulate circumstances to his own advantage, while narcissistic Ward, bored Honor and bumbling Ron all fall victim to his stratagems. In the end, the result is not tragedy but pure, bubbling comedy, laced with wit and filled with revealing insights into the natures of our four singular and attractive principals.