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Tieless Success: Conquer Your Happiness Now! Alexander Krebs

Tieless Success: Conquer Your Happiness Now!

Alexander Krebs

Published March 18th 2014
ISBN : 9781497361911
162 pages
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 About the Book 

There is a phrase by Vince Lombardi that could sum up this whole book: It is easy to have faith in yourself and be disciplined when you are a winner, a number one. But you must keep the faith and keep the discipline even when you are not winning. Its simple, all of your knowledge, learning processes, self-worth, bravery and capacity will be valid only if you learn how to use them during the worst moments of your life. It is then when you will realize how far you have gone in your spiritual growth. As Lombardi says it, it is easy to feel complete, joyful and even to show compassion and be charitable when we are doing well, but, what are we capable of when everything seems to go bad? Moreover, I mean, seems, because the truth is that nothing is wrong, it is simply we, who are choosing to look at things that way. It is then when we must make the best of all the things we have learned and start putting them to practice. Become unattached from everything, absolutely everything. Act like children running through the hills, worry-free, without any schedules or complexes, with nothing on our minds but the enjoyment of the present moment. When a grey cloud seems to be pouring cats and dogs on our heads, take out the umbrella of your knowledge or simply smile under the rain and splash around on the puddles, in the end its the same thing. There are two ways of seeing life: one is believing that miracles do not exist, the other way is believing that everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein What is the life you have dreamt of? How about bringing it from your dreams to your real life? I know you can do it. I believe in you. Life believes in you. All it takes if for you to believe in yourself. It really is that simple. It really is that easy.