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Bible Study #18: Old Testament Series-Deuteronomy John Ogwyn

Bible Study #18: Old Testament Series-Deuteronomy

John Ogwyn

Published November 6th 2013
Kindle Edition
25 pages
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 About the Book 

With the study this evening, we are wrappingup the five books of the Law. The first fivebooks, the books of Moses, serve as a basis forunderstanding what comes after. We have spentquite a bit of time on Genesis because that is thebasis- that is the beginning. “Deuteronomy”means “the second law.” It is derived from theLatin name of the book that in turn was derivedfrom the Greek translation. It is called a secondgiving of the law. It was not entirely a secondgiving of the law- it was not some differentlaw—it was a reiteration.What you have to understand, the book ofDeuteronomy focuses on Moses’ finalinstructions to the people as they were there inthe plains of Jordan. This was just prior toMoses’ death, in the closing weeks, or perhapsthe last few months of Moses’ life. We haverecorded several addresses Moses made to thepeople, particularly two or three lengthy sermonsand several shorter admonitions. They were puttogether and recorded here.We are looking at a generation that had beenchildren at the coming out of Egypt. You mightstop and think—if all of the older generation, thegeneration that came out of Egypt died, if allthe adults died (except Joshua and Caleb—remember they were the only two),... Read More!!