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The Goblins in the Kimberley John Squire

The Goblins in the Kimberley

John Squire

Published January 19th 2013
ISBN : 9781742842837
276 pages
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 About the Book 

Tim Grainger, an orphan at five years of age, runs away from the orphanage he was put into, and for a while becomes a street kid. Later, after obtaining a job as labourer and straightening himself out, his life changes forever when he learns he has a bequest from a deceased uncle.Tim travels from England to Australia to take up his inheritance and become the owner of one of the largest Stations in Australia. Through sheer hard work he overcomes adversity and becomes one of the richest land owners in the Kimberley region. His kindness and humanity make him a respected, prominent man in society. Along the way, some strange encounters with alien life shape the events of his life.