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Shattered Melodies Alivia Cay

Shattered Melodies

Alivia Cay

Published June 10th 2013
Kindle Edition
338 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Allison Gray’s shy nature sometimes prevents her from showing her true talents, but on the rare occasions she does, she is constantly thrown into the shadows of her promiscuous cousin Cecily. When an accidental audition opportunity presents itself, Allison is pulled into an unequal competition between love and family. Will she step up or be overshadowed by Cecily again?Cecily Gray craves for attention from anyone willing to give it to her. She is determined to be a star no matter who she has to step on to reach the sky. Knowing that Allison is her main competition on the show, Cecily uses cunning manipulations to prove there is no shame in her gameplan to knock her cousin down to her level.Buckle your seat belts as Allison and Cecily visit multiple cities on a road tour while they compete in a new reality show “The One.” As the Gray girls along with other contestants battle it out for the prestigious title of “The One,” drama unfolds and family ties are tested. Shattered Melodies causes battle lines to be crossed, alliances are broken, and every secret is fair game. Hold on for this exciting ride as road tours have never revealed as much in so little time!